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akilika wrote in 3amfan
So, I'd just like to break into the community with a small, strange thought:

Todd Gaines gives head before he gives favors.

He also leant Simon his credit card.

So, Todd, how good of friends ARE you with Simon? Winkwink.

Okay, yeah, Todd was probably just trying to be a badass for Ronna--he didn't give her head, either. But it's an amusing thought.

(And hell, what on EARTH would convince you to lend Simon your credit card? I like the little guy, but he has the impulse control of a puppy.)

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Interesting -
I have to admit in the thousands of times I have thought about this movie the Todd/Simon thought DID cross my mind! After all, what else would have made Simon consider Todd "a good guy"?

Thanks for stopping in, it's always nice to see stuff from new people!

Yeah, I knew I couldn't be the only one who had noticed this! 8D I noticed it when I was watching the movie for the second time.

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